Petach W&D is one of Israel’s most leading companies belonging to the field of luxurious home windows and shading systems’ supply.
The company, which was established in 1996, is located in the Northern industrial zone of the city of Netanya [a 20 mintute drive from Tel-Aviv], offers its clients and architects various solutions in the field.
We have a spacious showroom that contains various solutions, which are displayed identically to the way they appear in the homes of our clients.
Adjacent to our showroom, exists one of the most modern and advanced production plants built in Europe today, allowing the supply of products in a high level of quality and finish with no compromise.
Our company employs an engineering department with skilled architects which are trained to find a practical solution for every architectural and design request or desire, with absolutely no compromises, whether or not the planner’s request seems impossible to execute.
The combination of the top solutions in the field from Israel and abroad all under one roof, along with an exclusive professional engineering department providing excellent service with absolutely no compromise, offers our clients a higer added value, and puts Petach W&D on a pedestal as Israel’s most leading company in its field.
You are welcome to visit us at our new showroom – we recommend scheduling an appointment prior to your visit.


We are working with leading companies in Israel and the world to provide you the best products



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6 Hamassger st.
POB 13712
Netanya Israel